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To ensure that all people with disabilities are afforded the opportunities to exercise all the rights and responsibilities accorded to citizens of this state and each person with a disability is able to reach his/her maximum potential in independence, human development, productivity and self-sufficiency.

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In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the ADA, the RIGCD is offering "Know Your Rights" Trainings. Each training will go over the five ADA titles. After an organization lets us know that they are interested, we pick a date to go to their space and present the training. Each training is intended for no more than 30 people, but we've found that a group of about 10-15 tends to work best. This allows organizations to let us know what areas they are particularly interested in, which allows the trainings to be a little more personalized. Having trainings that are offered to individual organizations also encourages participants to ask questions. Each training is free, and lasts about 90 minutes. If there is a larger group, we encourage planning on the training lasting closer to 2 hours, as this allows more people to ask questions. Each training is free. The topics covered include Employment (Title I); State and Local Government (Title II); Public Accommodations (Title III); Telecommunications (Title IV); Service Animals, and Alternate Forms of Communication.

If you would like more information or to set up a training, please contact Alyssa Gleason at (401) 462-0100 or Alyssa.Gleason@gcd.ri.gov